La Grange Children’s Portraits – Alex, Emi, Gabi & Natalie


This is one of my most favorite families to photograph!!!  I first met this wonderful family when Emi was a newborn, and it was just Alex and Emi, and now we have beautiful Gabi and Natalie.  I know I say this all the time, but truly, I am so fortunate to be a part of watching such wonderful families and children grow.  It is truly a privilege!

These image are from the holidays, but I just got a call from Mom wanting to bring Emi in for her First Communion portraits and she reminded me that I wanted to feature these gorgeous kids on the blog!!  I can’t wait to see Emi soon.  Enjoy!

Chicago Children’s Fine Portraits and Photography 
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Happy Mother’s Day to all our clients and friends!!!!


This year on facebook, everyone is posting a photo with their Mom as their profile image.  And sadly and shockingly I have none of just me and my Mom!  I can make excuses and say that it’s because I don’t get to see her much as she lives in another state..but I’ve never really thought about that much until this year’s Mother’s Day Facebook theme.   So next time my Mom is in town, I’m taking her to the studio for a nice Mother/Daughter Portrait for sure. 

So if you’re like me and have no photos of you and your Mom, take one with her this Mother’s Day…
I’ll have to wait a few months for the opportunity, however! 

Now for some comedic relief…a super funny video about the craziness of Mother(Mutha)Hood!!! 
Please wait just a moment for it to load…Hilarious……..

Wishing you the very best this Mother’s Day!!!!!

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Chicago Children’s Photography | Annabelle & Emmeline

Sisters Annabelle & Emmeline were in the studio recently.  And if Annabelle looks a little familiar, she should as she was featured on this blog when she was about 6 months old…you can see the images from her session here.  She came back with her little sister Emmeline for her 6 month session.

Chicago Children’s Fine Portraits and Photography

And how adorable is the above photo…i’m so going to hang that one in the studio’s bathroom!!!

And….I learned that Mom is a teacher at a school in Chicago’s Brighton Park…where I spent years playing on that school’s playground…aaahhh….the memories!!!  Thanks Erin..I haven’t thought about those times for a long time!  🙂

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